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Mahamaham Tank
Kumbakonam (Kumba - pot; konam - bend) is famous for Mahamaham festival, occurs once in 12 years, just as Kumbamela of North It is an occasion of great religious and spiritual Importance. Kumbakonam is mentioned as, 'Thirukkudamooku' in Thevaram, at present it is called Kumbakonam. The Siva linga is slightly titled at the top towards left and hence the name Kumbakonam. In ancient times it is known as Baskara Shektra. It is also known as Temple City.

About Temples :
The famous Darasuram Airadheeswarar Temple is undertaken by UNESCO. The four large temples - the Sarangapani, the Kumbeswarar, the Nageswarar and Ramasamy temples located here are noted for sculptures and carvings. One more temple worth mentioning is "Sri Brahman Temple". There is no such big temple for "Brahma" anywhere in this part of world.

Commercial Activities :
This modern Kumbakonam is the centre of commercial activities such as Silk, Scented Supari, Chewing Tobacoo, Brass and stainless Steel wares, Icon and Pithware, Cosmetics etc., It is the seat of arts, culture and music.

Betel Leaves :
The town is also famous for Betel Leaves. It is cultivated more in Kumbakonam. The leaves are called as Kumbakonam Vettrilai(in Tamil). It is heart shaped leaves and white catkins, grows to height of about 1 metre.

Cambridge of South India :
The existing Government Arts College here is one of the oldest colleges in Tamil Nadu and gained the title as "Cambridge of South India" in the Olden days. The famous mathematician Ramanujam studied in this institution.

Eminents Personalities in Kumbakonam
  • Srinivasa Ramanujam, The Great mathematician
  • Silver Toungue Srinivasa Sasthri
  • Tamil thaatha U.V.Swaminadha ayer
  • Sahithiya Acadamy Award Winner M.K.Venkatram
  • Non-Fiction writings T. Janakiraman
  • God Father of Verse libra N. Pitchamoorthy
  • Famous Mathematician Veerasamy
  • Art Critic Theenuga
  • are some of the celebrities in kumbakonam.

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