" Theperumanallur Sri Rudrakeshwarar

Thirunageswaram Rudhraeswarar

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Sri RudrakeshwararTheperumanallur
Main Deity - Viswanathar
Goddess - Vedantanayaki

History :The Shiva here is also called Annadhana shiva. The siva linga covered with ' rudraksha kavacha ' and hence the lord named as Ruturaksheshwarar.This is the only temple where archana to siva is done with rudraksha – archana with ' eka mukha ' to ' 12 mukha' rudrakshas provides boons and purusharthas as the devotees require.The  sunlight falls everyday on this Siva linga.The Power of this linga is said to be the combination of all the 12 jothirlingas in India and therefore unique. The Dakshinamurthy Idol is unique and is considered more powerful and boon bestowing than Alangudi.Nagar (snake) worshipped Shiva here on an eclipse day on January 2010 plucked vilva leaves from the temple tree and worshipped Shiva .The Cobra went around the Shiva Linga vigraha and placed the vilva leaf on the top of the lingam.

Temple Opening Time :
Morning 08:30 Nadai Thirappu
09:00 Abisheka Arrathanai
11:30 Nadai Adaippu
Evening 05:00 Nadai Thirappu
Night 07:00 Nadai Adaippu
Festival times, the temple opening times are subject to change

The Cobra carryingvilva leaf in its mouth and enter in to the temple sanctum drain

The Cobra carrying vilva leaf in its mouth

Temple Entrance
Snake on linga on Solar Eclipse
Snake on linga on Solar Eclipse
Travel Information : Thepperumalnallur,  village is  near Thirunageswaram railway station - next station to Kumbakonam nearest temple Ragusthalam,oppiliyappan temple.
Contact Information :
Web : www.thirumageswaramraghutemple.tnhrce.in
e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ph : 0435-2463354
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