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History of Banapureeswarar Temple

During the Pralaya the Puranakumbam (amirtham in a pot - bowl of nectar) moved from Mahameru to south direction and reached Kumbakonam, Shiva in the form of Kirathamurthy (as hunter) aimed the Puranakumbam with the bow and arrow(banam in Sanskrit language) and breaked it, the bowl split and the Amirtham got stagnated in two places at Portramaraikulam (golden Lotus pond) and Mahamahamkulam.


A Shiva Lingam formed at the place where Kirathamurthy aimed the Amithrakudam. Since the lord used the arrow (Banam) the deity lingam is called Banabureeswarar.

Main Deity of Banapureeswarar Temple
Ganapathy Dhakshinamurthy
Banabureeswara Sannathi (main diety)
Arthanareeswarar (Shiva and Sakthi in equal parts) Ripumaniya Durgai
(standing pose with the left hand on left thigh)
Gopuram View of Banapureeswarar Temple

The Rajagopuram has 3 stages with Viyasa worshipping Banabureeswarar as per Lord Ganesh advice to get relief from the curse and Shiva in hunter form aiming the Amirthakalasam (bowl of nectar) in the first stage of the Rajagopuram.

Viyasa munivar worshipping Banabureeswarar   Kirathamurthy (Shiva as hunter) aiming the Amirthakalasam
Banabureeswarar Vimana views


Photo Gallery of Banapureeswarar Temple
Pulikal Munivar (saint with tiger legs), A great Shiva bakthar (devotee) performs daily Shiva Pooja by offering flowers and Vilva (bell tree leaves) from a nearby forest, In order to avoid attacks from the wild animals and requested the Lord Shiva to change his legs to tiger legs so that the movements of the saint will not be noticed by the wild life.
Side view of Rajagopuram
Amirthakalasam (bowl of nectar) floating South direction towards Kumbakonam from Maha meru . Shiva (Kirathamurthy) aiming the Amirthakalasam with bow and arrow
Banapureeswarar Vimana (view from prahara) View of Rajagopuram and Somakalambigai shrine
Travel Information of Banapureeswarar Temple

The temple is located on the Northern part of Kumbakonam city, reachable via Govt men's college. It is 1 k.m away from the Bus stand.


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