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Sukran Baghawan (Venus) - Kanjanur 
Main Deity - Agneeswarar
Goddess - Karpagambal
Sthala Vriksham - Purasamaram
Theertham - Agnitheertham

Kanjanur is the sthalam for Sukran. Agni is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva here and hence the name Agneeswarar.As per the Temple story (Sthala Purana), Lord Brahma was blessed with a vision of Shiva's marriage with Parvathy here. The Brahma Lingam enshrined in this Temple is said to have been worshipped by Lord Brahma himself. There is no separate sannidhi (shrine) for Lord Sukra as Lord Shiva himself is believed to have incarnated as Venus here.



During vamanaAvatharam, when lord vishnu took the form of a small boy asked Bali for three steps of land,Asura Guru Sukracharya had doubts about the boy.When Bali denied to attentive his advise,he took the form of abee and hid in the mouth of the Kamamdalam from which Bali would pour water to donate the three steps of land.When water did not flow from the kamandalam,Vishnu in the form of Vamana Avataram pricked sukracharya with a Darbhai grass sue to which he lost an eye, and had to come out. At the appropriate time, having had his wish,vamana took his huge form of Avatharam and measured out of the land and the sky, and as the 3rd step, placed his foot on Bali,blessing him.Sukracharya however was angry with Vishnu, and cursed him.It is belived that Vishnu prayed to Shiva at Kanjanur, where he was relieved of the curse. Shiva not only blessed Vishnu here, he promised to remain and bless those who came with prayers to Sukran his favour.There is no idol or image os Sukran at kanjanur.It is Shiva himself who takes the position of sukran here.Kanjanur is the temple for performing "Kalathira Dosha Pariharam" for lord sukiran.

Lord Sukran is offered white Lotus, white cloth, mochai kottai (common bean) and aththi (fig) to alleviate problems caused by Sukra dosham. Friday is the day of Sukran and worship on Fridays is considered very special.

Travel information:It is 20km from kumbakonam,26km from Mayiladurai,3km from Suryanar koviland 3km from Aduthurai.
Contact : 0435 - 2473737
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Temple Timing
Pooja and Time for both the temple
Pooja Time

Pooja & Time in Tamil

1. Kaalai Sandhi 08.00 am alt
2. Utchi Kaalam 11.30 am
3. Sayaratchai 05.30 pm
4. Irandaam Kaalam 07.30 pm
5. Artha Jamam 09.00 pm


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