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100 Pillars
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Architecture of Airavatesvara Temple
100 Pillars in Main Mandapam (Nuru Kaal Mandapamam)
There are five stages in the pillars and four sides - each side has panel depicting the mythological scene from Kandhapuranam and marriage of Siva with Parvathi and Subramanian with Valli. There are numerous miniature sculptures with immense clarity and sharpness of the size 1 inch. The Nagabandha (two snakes ), garland decorate the pillars.
Pillar with beautiful niches housing miniature sculpture Dancing women
Siva with Nandi Pillars and Ceiling housed with numerous miniature sculptures
Shiva with Nandi - standing pose Niches with miniature Ganapathy and women in standing poses
Dancing women beautifully framed on circular ornamental frames Acid cleaning the pillars to remove the oil dirt
(courtesy of Archeological survey of India)

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