" Koshtam Sculptures - Darasuram
Temples Pancha Krosha Sthalams Darasuram Koshtam Scultptures
Sculptures on Mahamandapam of Airavatesvara Temple
Ceilings of the 100 Pillars Main Mandapam
Dancing women with a legs raised and touching the earrings Ceilings are completely decorated with sculptures embedded on a lotus like circular shape Man prey to Lion
Some of the masterpiece sculptures are also seen on the Koshtam (entrance of Mahamandapam)
Saraswathi without Veena 
(a musical instrument)
Athikara Nandhi ( an amalgamation of Shiva
(on left) and Vishnu (on right) ) found
on the entrance of Mahamandapam
Kannappa Nayanaar ( a hunter who readily
donated eyes to Shiva Linga he worshipped)
found on the entrance of Mahamandapam
   Kannappa Nayanaar shoes and the lacing
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