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Someswarar Temple

History of Someswarar Temple

This temple is known as Kudanthai Karonam and located near Potramarai Kulam. The Sikkam (threads) around the Amirthakalasam (the nectar pot) fallen here and took a shape of Linga and hence known as Sikkeshwarar.

Once Chandran (Moon god) due to Guru's (Brahaspathi) curse arrived Kumbakonam and worshipped the Lord Shiva Sikkeshwarar, he created a holy water source for the worship, this tank was known as Chandrapushkarani (does not exist now).

Thirumalanavar worshipped Somanathar and received the boon to get victory over Asuras. He also built a shrine for Maleeswarar (a Linga) andMangala Nayagiamman.


Paranthaka Chola king constructed a shrine for Choleeswara and Tripurasundari amman for wanted of a child.

One among the Navagraha - Guru (God of planet Jupiter)worshipped the main deity Someshwarar and hence the Lingam is also known as Vyazha Someshwarar (Guru's Sikkeshwarar).

Shivagami and Nataraja can be seen.

Kodipanchagraha temple is also present.

Sambandar's beautiful idol is seen. Thirupathigam (hymn's of Nalvar)in the form of epigraph is found in this temple.

The main deity is in Linga form and the Banam ( prominent cylindrical structure of Linga) is of special type known as Narmadhai banam.

The Murugan is in the form of Arumugan (6 faces and 12 hands) in a sitting pose over his vaghana (ambassador) a Mayil (peacock), his legs were decorated withPatharatchai (shoe). Saint Arunagirinatharhas sung a hymn about this Arumuganof this templein his work Thirupugal.

Thirugnana sambandar has sung a hymn about this temple deity.

Main Deity of Someswarar Temple
Lingam   Selva Ganapathy
Bramma   Mangala Nagai amman
Amman   Thiruburasundhari amman
Gopuram View of Someswarar Temple
Thanjavur Road and Someshvarar entrance Raja gopuram South entrace on the Thanjavur road leading to
Soma nayagi amman sannathi
Soma nayagi amman shrine and the view of Sarangapani gopuram on the background Someshvarar temple middle gopuram
Five stage Raja gopuram
Raja gopuram Flag mast
Someshvarar Vimana and Chandikesvarar vimana Someshvarar shrine entrance
Photo Gallery of Someswarar Temple
Travel Information

Situated near Sarangapani Temple at the central zone of Kumbakonam city on the Thanjavur main road, approximately 1.5 k.m from the new bus stand.


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