" Veerabhathirar Temple - Darasuram
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Veerabhathirar Temple - Darasuram
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Veerabhathirar Temple

Veerabhathirar Temple ( behind Amman temple on Pateeswaram road )

Ottakkoothar, a famous Tamil Poet, the author of Thakkayaparani, a monumental Tamil Literary work depicting the story of Datchan the father of Dathchayani (also known as Parvathi or Sakthi) conducted a Yaga (a Holy Sacrifice) without inviting the supreme Lord Shiva visited this temple and sung about the main deity - Veerabhathirar - created from Shiva's curls.

Ottakkoothar attained Jeeva Samadhi at this temple.

This temple was believed to exist even before the Darasuram Airavatesvara temple i.e., before 12th Century A.D . Flat bricks are used to construct the Raja gopuram. The stucco figures ( dolls ) on the gopuram are made up of grinding the bricks. This is one of the ancient brick work done on large scale. The Kalasam and the top stage of the Raja gopuram undergone environmental destruction. One could see the bright saffron color of the Gopuram made up of bricks reflects during the sunset.

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