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Nageswaran temple otherwise known as "Koothandavar kovil".Chola dynasty constructed this temple during 12 th century.This temple stands as a great marvel of Chola's architechcture,building technology.The design and orientation are structured in such a way that it allows the sun rays inside the temple only during the month of Chithirai.The Karuvarai of Nageswaran temple has similarity with that of Sarangapani temple,as it is made in the form of a chariot.The temple consists of two Gopurams in the eastern and western directions.

Main Deity

Nageswarar swamy is the main deity of the temple Nageswaran. The deity is Linga (form of God Shiva). The main deity resides into the charriot mandapam. The goddess of the nageswarar swamy is Periyanayagi Amman.

Rear view of Eastern gopuram Side view of Eastern gopuram
Flag mast follows the front view of Chariot mandapa Side view of Chariot mandapa (Wheel and horse)
Front view of Southern gopuram A king has sit on the elephant

Temple phone : 0435 - 2430386

Travel details

Nageswarar temple is about 2 kms  from Kumbakonam Bus Terminal amidst of the busy business center of kumbakonam. In fact Nageswaran is the center of todays main business street.  The bus stop is very near to the Temple and there are lot of buses available for this temple get down at  Diamond Hall / Theater just 3 mins walks to reach the temple. In city transports like auto, town buses etc., are the best ways to reach the temple. 

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